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As per the former editions, with the projects about Mozart, Garibaldi and Puccini's birthdays, also in 2009 Lucca Junior ties with a theme, drawing inspiration from the 40 years from the Moon Landing and the four Centuries since the first sky observation Galileo did with his telescope.


ONU declared 2009 International Year of Astronomy; therefore planets, stars and the sky will be the threading Junior 08 recita teatraleline of most of the activities performed in the pavilion, starting with the projects Lucca Junior proposes for free to primary, junior high and high schools. Two events, amongst all, won't fail in drawing the attention of the young and grown-ups in visit: the inflatable Planetary Starlab, by Googol Association, and the meeting with the astronaut Umberto Guidoni, expected to take place October 30th.


The third edition of Lucca Junior contest for illustrators and comics authors "Stelle Nascoste. Galileo e l'Universo" ("Hidden Stars, Galileo and the Universe"), dedicated to the discovery of the sky, the planets and to Galileo himself, is a happily awaited comeback. The contest and all Lucca Junior activities, this year are under the auspices of UNESCO and IAU (International Astronomical Union) and have been inserted in the list of Italian proposals related to Astronomy promoted by the Italian Institute for Astrophysics.


Another prestigious acknowledgement comes to state the importance Lucca Junior contest and its relevant Giochi bambiniexhibition acquired: the twinning with the Science Festival in Genoa, which will be ratified by the double opening of the exhibition "Stelle Nascoste", simultaneously set up in Lucca Comics & Games and Genoa, in Museo Luzzati a Porta Siberia rooms for all the duration of the Science Festival (closing November 1st too). Within Lucca Junior contest, on the trail of the former edition, the collaboration with Tomatofarm is renewed, together with the proposal of a special section open to illustrators and comics authors from Eastern Europe. Tomatofarm will also cooperate to realise the other Lucca Junior great exhibition, novelty for 2009, which will see on display the works from Russian artists Andrej Duginy and Olga Dugina, illustrators of the children books by Madonna and concept artists for the Warner Bros. film "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"


Laboratorio bimbiAmongst the other important news in this 2009 edition: the "Perchè non accada" ("To Avoid It Happens") booth; a venue completely devoted to the cultural and social information campaign on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) that will take to Lucca Junior the masters of kids comics, who will engage in meetings and showcases (www.perchenonaccada.org). Godmother to the campaign will be Elisabetta Armiato, etoile of the La Scala theatre.



Like every year, moreover, creative laboratories, theatre shows, animated readings, presentations and meetings with the authors, live illustration showcases and many other events will take place in Lucca Junior venues, with an increase of the exhibitors from the kids publishing business and from the games industry.


And, obviously, also Lucca Junior will celebrate the Comics Day, on October 30th, with a surprise event!