Speech Bubbles do live In Lucca

The "territorial" expansion of Lucca Comics implies an expansion of the cultural offer, which will be even more vast for this 2009 edition. Besides the perfect frame Palazzo Ducale offers, nowadays traditionally and undoubtedly, to the exhibitions, Real Collegio and the newly created museum for contemporary art Lu.C.C.A. will be the two new venues added to the exhibition's path: starting from the streets and alleys of the city center, the entrances of these wonderful historical palaces will disclose to welcome the visitors and introduce them to a varied and heterogeneous view of Comics' planet.

Paths that, from Italian art, with the personal exhibition of Vittorio Giardino and his journey into the feminine world, reach the Land of the Rising Sun, with a twin exhibition of the works from historical art group CLAMP that will not fail in amazing the many loyal fans of their productions, as well as the newcomers.

Journeys that will have lots of surprises too, like the return of glories of the likes of Giorgio Rebuffi, historical creator of Pugaciòff, or the visionary power of Russian illustration, thanks to the brush of Andrej Duginy and Olga Dugina, passing through a world of "ordinary"spies with the new amazing publishing breakthrough Super Spy, by the American Matt Kindt.

And even if this first part of exhibitions confirms Lucca Comics in its mission of tell and portray the universe of speech bubbles, great news and changes are coming for the trade show.

For those four days it is in fact foreseen a "massive landing" in the Cortile degli Svizzeri, where an entire pavilion will be set up and dedicated to Mediaset and to Kids and Teens TV shows, with exciting surprises for the audience, great happenings and renowned international guests.

Also two of the most recent "sons" of the trade show will be interested by an evolution-revolution: Self Area and Area Japan.

Self Area, truly the beating heart of comics self production will be moved into the eye of the storm, right on the side of Editors Pavilion in Piazza Napoleone, with even more events and the usual ink challenges, as it has always been since the birth of this independent creativity gathering space.

Area Japan will instead change itself into a dreamlike Japan Palace: cloisters and rooms in the Real Collegio will be, in fact, "tainted" by the liveliness of the Rising Sun with a list of events fully focused on the Japanese world (language, Raku, Shodo writing and typical handcrafting courses, together with themed exhibitions and contests) and with selling booths that will meet every taste.

The Music & Comics branded Street & Fun will grant happening in the streets so that the warmth and the colour of the show will radiate everywhere, exploding in the new Stage Venue on Baluardo San Paolino: greater, more involving, more immersed in the depiction of a universe where music notes not only merge with Comics or Animation, but with any art expression. And, whether Lucca Cosplay parade will be an explosion of sheer creative joy, the Music Contest - the cartoons Cover Band Competition - will instead foresee an important prize: thanks to the cooperation with Mediaset, the winner (either a solo singer or an entire band) could record the opening titles for one of the Cartoons aired by Mediaset themselves.

But this is just a starter: we just started walking and the journey will be long and full of surprises. Stay tuned on this site!