Comics Day

Spotlights on youth creativity


Lucca Comics and Games srl, in agreement with the department for Culture and Youth Politics of Lucca's Municipality, under the auspices of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, of the Ministry of Youth, of Anci (project enlisted in the Network of Festivals partially funded by the Ministry of Youth) and with the collaboration of the National Committee for the Comics centennial and the Museum of Comics and Image in Lucca decided to create an independent event, capable to conjoin Art and Culture, Professional Promotion and Communication, able to focus on the role of the youngsters as main actors in a communication mean with incredible expression potential: the COMICS DAY.

The National Comics Day, specifically conceived for the Festivals Network, will be celebrated during Lucca Comics & Games (precisely on October 30th 2009) and will be the peak of an activity amongst the youngsters, that sees them as protagonists, aiming to both establish and exploit Italian creativity, especially for what is relevant to potential comics authors. All of this will be inserted in a frame capable to exalt the communication and artistic capabilities of the newcomers, meanwhile highlighting the positive aggregation and education potential of the medium.

Comics Day aims, in this contest to promote and show off the Comics not only in Italy, but also abroad. In its over 40 years of life, Lucca Comics managed to transform the perception of the Comics from being a simple entertainment for kids, as it has been mistakenly considered for ages, bringing to light its artistic and cultural contents, and, more, highlighting the countless possibilities the medium offers in the education field, being it capable to develop integrated training programmes that can offer a worthwhile teaching and communication support to all the subjects, in their relevant cultural and pedagogic realm, in a likable and for sure involving way.

The first Intensive Workshop of Theory and Practice of the Comics for young non professional authors, held by worldwide renowned tutors, is probably the brightest example of the mindset behind the Comics Day and of its purposes.

The Comics Day will be preceded by an initiative realized in cooperation with the Museum of Comics and Image of Lucca, named "Aspettando il Comics Day..." ("Waiting for the Comics Day...")