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    • The poster by Rick Berry and Phil Hale

The poster by Rick Berry and Phil Hale

Lucca Comics & Games never rests, Lucca Comics & Games confronts the global challange with a project of globalIllustrazione scimmia communication.

Lucca is evolving, as an event and as a multi-subject communication project, in the hands of two of the greatest artists in comics, illustrations and contemporary arts: Rick Berry and Phil Hale, working together for the first time in 10 years.

A work of art as the coronation of an experience that linked the two artists to the event in Lucca in the past 10 years.

In the distant 1998 Rick Berry and Phil Hale inaugurated the Lucca Games Area Performance project with an art-show and some live action painting sessions, things that even today represent one of the core moments for fans and collectors.
At the center of the communication there's a theme: the Evolution of the Species.
The bicentenary of Darwin's birth, but also the evolution of Lucca's kermesse, not only just a comics and games show, but a social phenomenon, a 360 degrees event dedicated to all modern tribes of imaginary, adventure and entertainment.
Evolution of the human being, and of style.

Illustrazione donnaThe meeting/clash of the art of two friends and colleagues, used to mutual collaboration as well as reciprocal challenge.

Lucca Comics & Games 2009 fliers are unique objects with countless interpretations but with one clear message: in the oil painting by Phil Hale, Lucca Underway, the contemporary man seen as a cyborg descends fro the ape and dreams the city, to find his artistic home and a new perfect life, building a New Family, into the beautiful work by Rick Berry.

Thirst of knowledge and technological dream, an evolution-revolution in which the show ends the canonical one flier - one author  paradigm, proposing a mix of visual art in a trilogy of fliers, united into a unique graphical frame by the art director Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini.